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Christian Evangelism : Apologetics Education


  • Biola    University - Located in La Mirada, California; offers M.A. in Christian    Apologetics as well as an open certification program. Information on special    events, programs, and faculty. 

  • Francis Schaeffer Institute - Provides    training in evangelism, apologetics and cultural analysis; located in St.    Louis, Missouri. Information on programs, faculty, current events, and the    campus as well as study resources. 

  • Frontline Ministries - Located    in Napa, California. Exists to equip Christians in understanding and    defending the Christian worldview through discussion groups, seminars,    self-study courses, and similar services. Beliefs, information on    ministries, and contact details. 

  • Institute of Biblical Defense    - Gives lectures and seminars, conducts debates and offers certificate and    degree programs through resident and distance education. Resources and    information on programs, faculty and events. 

  • Net Bible Institute - Free online courses    on understanding the Christian faith; answers to questions about the Bible. 

  • St. Louis Center for    Christian Study - Evangelical lay institute devoted to training    Christians to better understand, apply and defend the historic Christian    faith. Course and contact information. 

  • Think Again - On-site    one-day workshops focused on applying the Biblical worldview to everyday    life. Description of the program, information on hosting a workship, and a    bookstore. 

  • Trinity School of Apologetics &    Theology - A conservative, calvinist, separatist, dispensational,    institution affiliated with the Calvin Research Group. Offers distance    education masters and doctorate programs, with all courses free of charge.

  • Apologia - Arguments about    Mormonism, the Gospel of Barnabas, and Islam. 

  • Biblical    Christianity Explained - Explains and defends Christianity for Muslims,    atheists and agnostics, Eastern religions, and followers of modern    philosophies. 

  • Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord    of Hosts - Explanation of the beliefs of and answers to common arguments    by Oneness Pentecostals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Islam, Latter-day Saints,    Unitarian Universalists, the Jesus Seminar, and Atheism. 

  • In Christian Defense - Arguments    against atheism, evolution, non-Christian religions, Mormonism, Catholicism    and the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses. 

  • In Truth - Articles discussing a    variety of religions, traditions, and beliefs and comparing them with    biblical Christianity. Also includes news with commentary, research tools,    and answers common questions about the faith. 

  • King Messiah Project -    Articles and sound files of talks countering Judaism, Jehovah's Witnesses,    Preterism and Islam. 

  • Lazyboy's Rest Stop: Catholic Stuff    - Links, testimonies, and articles on chatechetics, the papacy, Mariology,    the Eucharist, the saints, and church history and government as relates to    the Roman Catholic Church. From a conservative Protestant perspective. 

  • Many Paths to One Goal?    - Investigates whether world religions are complementary and equally true,    especially focusing on comparisons between Christianity and Eastern    religions. 

  • Mission    Valley Christian Fellowship: Religion & Beliefs - Articles    classified by topic taken from Christian Research Institute resources.    Covers a variety of different religions, unorthodox Christian groups, and    popular beliefs. 

  • Scientology    Comparative Theology - Examines the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard and    refutes his claim that Scientology is compatible with mainstream religions. 

  • Side of Truth - Help    for Apostolics and Oneness Pentecostals to learn the truth about the nature    of God, salvation, and Christianity. 

  • The Trouble with the    Elephant - Explores whether all religions are equally valid.

  • Bible and Quran - Comparison and    analysis of the teachings of these two books. 

  • The Good Way - Arabic,    Indonesian and English language site sharing the gospel with Muslims.    Testimonies, articles, books and links. 

  • Into The Light - Presentation of    Christianity to those with an Islamic background. Includes comparison of    Muslim and Christian ideas and beliefs about Jesus, frequently asked    questions, publications, links, and contact information. 

  • The Muslim-Christian Debate - Designed    to encourage mutual discussion and to give Muslims an opportunity to    discover the truth about Christianity. Articles, links, and debate mailing    list. 

  • Orthodoxy and Islam -    Articles from a Greek Orthodox perspective covering mission to Muslims and    the history of Islam.



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