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Today's Culture

Christian Evangelism : Today's Culture


  • Boundary Stone - Articles    discussing economics and Western civilization and aiming to equip and    encourage Christians to engage with their culture and influence it for    Christ. Also a blog, a reading list and some links. 

  • BreakPoint - Commentaries,    RealAudio broadcasts, and resources by Chuck Colson and other writers,    providing a Christian perspective on modern news and trends. 

  • Christianity vs. the World -    American based site describing the differences between a Christian-Right    worldview and a liberal worldview. 

  • Church Reform - An appeal for    the church to escape a ghetto mentality and better relate to the surrounding    culture. 

  • Crossroads Project - Examines    current cultural issues from a Christian perspective. Focuses on responses    to Postmodernism. 

  • The Cultural Commission    - Set of blogs from a Christian perspective. 

  • Damaris Trust - Study guides,    forums, and other resources that relate popular culture and secular media to    the Christian faith. Also includes information on study groups, publishing,    research, and other projects by this organization. 

  • Ekklesia - A web based think-tank    promoting theological ideas in the public square. Offers news as well as    workshops, conferences, and consultancy services. 

  • Facing the Challenge of Our    Times - Training program to help Christians understand and effectively    respond to postmodern culture. Ordering information, articles, and free    resources. 

  • Faith and the Modern World    - Articles, book reviews, and sermon notes about the relevance of    Christianity to modern society. 

  • The King's Community Church:    Applying Biblical Principles - Articles discussing various issues in    modern society and displaying biblical viewpoints on these issues. 

  • Kjos Ministries - Facts and    biblical encouragement to help believers prepare for an anti-Christian    global society. Articles, FAQ, Bible studies, testimonies, quotes, charts,    and news. 

  • Legislating    Morality: Why Everyone Is Doing It - Article by Frank Turek on the    illogic of those who object to laws governing moral standards. 

  • Plain Vanilla End-Times Journal  -    Challenging materialism and secular society with the message of    Christianity. 

  • Probe Ministries - Information on the    ministry and its programs as well as answers to hundreds of questions and    issues relating to various aspects of theology and modern culture. 

  • Watchtower:    Is Bible Morality Practical Today? - Thoughts on how following biblical    moral standards benefits everyone involved. 

  • The Willison Politics and    Philosophy Resource Center - Transcribed original documents written by    principals and alumni of prestigious universities. Thoughts on political    science and the role of Christianity in governing a society.



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