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Heresy Warnings

Christian Evangelism : Heresy Warnings


  • The Ancient Path - Articles on    issues such as worship, holidays, the role of women, and why the doctrine of    eternal damnation is unbiblical. Also includes links to other resources and    articles opposing certain Church of Christ teachings. 

  • Apostasy Revealed -    Articles discussing various heresies and apostasies in light of what the    Bible says, the affects these doctrines can have, and what Christians should    do about it. Also includes forum, e-zine, and links. 

  • Apprising Ministries - Ken Silva's    ministry defending a view of the Christian faith against some other    Christian teachers. 

  • The Berean Call - Warns of    "unbiblical teachings and practices impacting the church." 

  • Berean Studies - Articles    explaining flaws in certain modern Charismatic teachings, including    repenting for the sins of the nation, generational curses, and territorial    spirits. 

  • Biblical Discernment    Ministries - Attempts to expose doctrinal error. Newsletter,    downloadable "Discernment Notebook", and recommended resources. 

  • BodyWyze - Information    and resources on replacement theology, gnostic influences on Christianity,    and Latter Rain teachings. Also includes information on the "A Voice in    the Wilderness" mailing list. 

  • Carmel Contenders -    Articles, links, and recommended books addressing modern issues. Devotes    extra criticism to the ecumenical movement and to Catholicism. 

  • Christian Apologetic Articles    - Articles and an online booklet warning that almost all churches do not    proclaim the correct salvation message; also testimonies and brief details    of the authors. 

  • Christian Christians    Site - Varied essays and links mainly opposing women clergy in the    Church of England, plus a photo and brief description of St Gabriels Church    in Manchester, UK. 

  • Christian Doctrine -    Articles and outlines on false beliefs or practices in a variety of topic    areas. Written from a Calvinist perspective. 

  • Christians Aware -    Newsletter and articles that specifically apply to false teachers and    attacks on essential Christian doctrine. 

  • Comprehensive Christian    - Warnings against various views considered by the author to be false    teachings; also a daily devotion, some realplayer hymns and a bible    dictionary. 

  • Discerning Truth - Articles    and thoughts on the importance of correct doctrine as well as links to    arguments both for and against various doctrines, ministries, religions, and    movements. 

  • Earnestly Contend - Site    opposing the activities of Stonecroft Ministries; arguing that their    teaching mixes the gospel with psychology, positiveness, ecumenism and    corrupt bible translation. 

  • Eastern Regional Watch - Commentaries and    links regarding what are viewed as false teaching and destructive heresies. 

  • Evangelical Outreach -    Resources and articles refuting the doctrine of eternal security. Also    includes studies on cults and religious groups, and contemporary and    theological issues. 

  • - A biblical    literalist view of Christian doctrine seeking to expose other views as    false. 

  • Fighting for the    Faith - Argues against 'once saved, always saved' belief. 

  • Gospel Focus - This site    warns against any attempts to find common ground between Evangelicals and    Roman Catholics. 

  • Grace & Truth Ministries -    Examines the "present evangelical apostasy" and calls believers    back to a Biblical faith before Jesus' return. 

  • Hazards in the Mainline -    Online book by an evangelical scholar on liberalism and its effects on    mainstream Christianity. 

  • How to    Recognize False Churches - The site, written by a Jehovah's Witness,    lists 25 indicators said to mark false churches. 

  • Jesus    Christ "Live" - Articles on legalism, end-times prophecy, and    religious spirits. 

  • Midwest Christian Outreach -    Description of programs and events, contact information, resource catalogue,    audio messages, and journal articles on various teachings and groups. 

  • Open Confrontation - A    personal commentary, warning of heresies found in news and articles on the    Web. 

  • Prophetic Deception -    Personal site by a former member of the Kansas City Fellowship and of the    Word of Faith movement. Includes links, recommended books, and thoughts on    the actions and teachings of some modern "prophets." 

  • Protestantism Exposed -    Discusses the author's experiences leading her to question her beliefs and    challenges the doctrines requiring Christians to tithe, keep the Sabbath,    and attend church. 

  • True Christianity -    Thoughts on salvation, economics, prophecy, and ways in which mainstream    Christianity falls short. 

  • Truth Watch New Zealand - Pages    of argument explaining why, in the view of the authors, most other churches    and Christian leaders are wrong. 

  • Watch Unto Prayer - Pages    explaining how, in the view of the authors, an anti-Christ network has    infiltrated the Church with a hidden agenda of subverting the true faith and    converting believers to a false religious system.   



  • SBC Life - The    Weigh Down Heresy - Warns Christians about the questionable theological    views and claims of the leader of this diet group, Gwen Shamblin. (November    1, 2000) 

  • Christianity    Today: The Weigh & the Truth - Article discussing the both the    positive effects and the negative messages put forth by Gwen Shamblin's    Weigh Down diet program. (September 4, 2000)



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