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Existence of God

Christian Evangelism : Existence of God


  • Christian    Faith: Does God Exist? - Brief summaries of the most powerful arguments    in favor of the existence of a personal Creator God. 

  • Does God Exist? - Bimonthly    online journal that provides scientific evidence for God's existence. Site    also includes lecture schedules, children's story, and contact information    for free study resources. 

  • Every Student:    Is There a God? - Article giving six reasons to believe that God is    really there. 

  • Evidence of God - Strong Basis    to Believe Ministries provides this source for answers about Christianity    and scientific issues. 

  • Existence of God - Presents    arguments for the existence of God from the philosophy of religion. Includes    simple explanations of the ontological argument, the first cause argument,    the argument from design and the moral argument. 

  • God    and the Greatest Minds - Information on book by Michael Caputo as well    as an online essays and bibliography. 

  • God Exists: An Engineer Explains    Why - Book-length e-text by Peter Soszek. 

  • Internet    Bible College: The Search for God - An essay expressing doubts regarding    the ability of science to determine truth and presenting common arguments    for the existence of God. 

  • Is there a God? - "On this    site I offer five proofs of Godís existence: scientific, philosophical,    moral, historical, and experiential." 

  • Jude    Ministries - Summarizes the major approaches to arguing that the    Christian view of God is correct. 

  • Michael    Horner Speaks Out: Does God Exist? - Apologist Michael Horner explains    and defends versions of the cosmological and design arguments. 

  • The Power of God    Project - Describes one person's journey through reason, science and    experience in searching for God and gives evidence for His existence. 

  • The Skeptical Christian -    An accessible site that defends good arguments for Christianity while    debunking bad ones. 

  • Steve Hinrichs    Rational Site with a Meaningful Purpose - A summary of the evidence that    there is a God with a purpose for humans. 

  • Tilligerry Christian Community:    Evidence and Christianity - Walk through the evidence for Christianity    one step at a time. 

  • Truth for the World:    It Is Reasonable To Believe In God? - Reasons to believe that God is the    source of creation. 

  • Upon Truth - Arguments against    purposeless naturalism; also some links and a contact page. 

  • World Wide Christian    Web: Evidence For God - Scientific and philosophical evidence and    arguments for the existence of God.



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