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Christian Evangelism : Counter-cult


  • The Ankerberg Theological Research    Institute - General apologetics, cults, and the occult. 

  • Apologetics For Christians -    Articles designed to equip Christians in the essentials of Christianity and    witnessing to members of non-Christian religions and cults. 

  • The Apostolic    Truth Ministries - Ministering to those caught in the cult of    Pentecostalism. Articles, analysis of various Pentecostal doctrines, quotes    about the Azusa Street Revival, links, and how to be saved. 

  • Bible-Based    Cults - Basic information on Peacemakers International. 

  • Cephas Ministry - Focuses on    Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, Freemasonry, and general apostasy    in the church. Newsletter archive, articles, and forum. 

  • Christ is Lord -    Articles about Jehovah's witnesses and the Watchtower Society as well as    testimonies, links, and information on the essential doctrines of    Christianity. 

  • Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry    - Information on non-Christian religions and sects of Christianity. Also    includes general Christian doctrine and apologetics aiming to help believers    answer common challenges to their faith. 

  • The "Christian"    Identity Organization - Information on the Christian Identity group and    biblical responses to their erroneous teachings. 

  • A Christian Review of Bad    Religions and Beliefs - Articles and scans of newspaper articles    opposing a wide variety of religious beliefs. 

  • Contender Ministries -    Information on Unitarian Universalism, humanism, Islam, Catholicism,    freemasonry, and other groups. Also contains general apologetics and    evangelism information, news resources, and forums. 

  • Cultlink - Information on cults and    unorthodox Christian groups. 

  • David and Goliath    Ministries - Polemic against the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses and    Mormons and a warning against cults and teachings that stray from the Bible. 

  • Dialog Center International - Apologetics    network founded as a result of the rise of various New Religious Movements. 

  • The End-Time Handmaidens and Servants Cult    - Single page site by Mark Scheiderer describing over eight years of    involvement with the organisation, which he considers a cult, 'End Time    Handmaidens and Servants'. 

  • Exposing Satanism and    Witchcraft - This site shows why satanism and witchcraft are wrong. What    all Christians should know. 

  • Focus on the Faulty - A research    organization investigating cults, the occult and apologetics. Articles,    seminar information, Real Audio sermons, links and audio tapes to order. 

  • J.E. Lowery Ministries - Examines    meditation, witchcraft, Ouija Board, contacting spirits, demonology, angels,    psychics, and the occult in general. 

  • Let Us Reason Ministries -    Ministry in Hawaii researching cults, world religions, false teachings, and    movements within Christianity. Many articles as well as book reviews,    testimonies, and recommended resources. 

  • MacGregor Ministries -    Many articles on Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh-day Adventists, and    other groups. Also includes information on child custody cases involving    Jehovah's Witnesses and links to resources for purchase. 

  • Mason's Opinions on Cults and    Religious Abuse - Poetry, news, legal counsel, a moderated message    board, personal stories, and general information and support from ex-members    of a destructive cult. 

  • New Covenant Publications -    Articles and tracts on the International Church of Christ and the    Unification Church. 

  • NowThink - Articles and information    on alternative religions. Focuses on Jehovah's Witnesses and Bible Students,    along with other theological issues facing the Church. 

  • Obadiah    Ministries - Information on The Way International and on Mormonism.    Articles, links, and personal experiences. 

  • Personal Freedom Outreach - Non-profit,    non-denominational group with three goals: to educate Christians about the    dangers and heretical doctrines of religious cults, to use the Gospel of    Jesus Christ to reach members of those cults and to warn Christians of    unbiblical teachings within the church itself. 

  • Religion Analysis Service - Dedicated to    combating false teachings by distributing literature covering a large number    of cults. Online magazine ("The Discerner") and resource catalog. 

  • Revival Centres Information -    Examines the teachings and practices of groups such as the Revival    Fellowship, Revival Centres International, Geelong Revival Centres, and    Christian Assemblies. Includes biblical refutations of specific doctrines,    information on cults and spiritual abuse, testimonies, audio files, and a    forum. 

  • Sacred Name Movement Errors    about Yahweh and Yahshua - An outreach to members and ex-members of    Sacred Name assemblies 

  • Spirit Wars - An answer to the    influence of New Age and Pagan thought in America. Recommended resources,    books and tapes to order, and articles. 

  • Spiritual Abuse - Links to    articles on spiritual abuse, stories from people who have left abusive    churches or movements, and other resources. Focuses primarily on the United    Pentecostal Church. 

  • Spiritual Abuse Recovery    Resources - Information and support for people recovering from spiritual    abuse. Articles, Bible studies, RealPlayer messages, resources for purchase,    and a forum. 

  • Spotlight Ministries    - British Christian site examining cults, the occult and the New Age.    Articles on general apologetics and theology and help for those involved    with abusive religious groups. 

  • The Teachings of    Lee Jae-Rock - Provides a critical look at his beliefs and practices. 

  • Want Some Answers? -    Information, arguments, links, and transcripts of debates against atheists,    King James Version fundamentalists, Pentecostals, Mormons, and other    heretical Christian groups or cults. 

  • World Revival Prayer Fellowship -    Information on the Mukti Mission, Mormonism, ecumenism, and Prajapati.



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