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Apologetic Articles

Christian Evangelism : Apologetics Articles


  • Christian Apologetics Journal       - Theology, philosophy, religion, science, cults, defense of the    historic Christian faith. Published by the Southern Evangelical Seminary. 

  • Apologists for Christ -    Articles on various topics and an open forum for discussion. 

  • AppliedChristianity.Com    - Resources for the application of historical Christianity in contemporary    society. 

  • The    Bible And Science - The age of the Earth, size of the universe,    dinosaurs and more, with extensive supporting references. 

  • Biblical Research Devoted to an    Apologetic Presentation of God and His Word - Articles about the New    Testament church plus online ordering for a few books. 

  • Christian Philosophy    Made Simple - Philosophical arguments for the existence of God, human    behavior, and the use of philosophical methods for Christian apologetic. 

  • Doxa: Christian Theology    and Apologetics - Scholarly articles defending Christian doctrine on    God, Jesus, the Bible, science, and the gospel. 

  • Engwer, Jason: Christian Liberty    - Articles on the evidence for Christianity, and criticizing skeptics, wrong    doctrines, and Roman Catholicism. 

  • Galatians 4:16 -    Articles on Islam, atheism, contemporary issues, and basic Christian    doctrines. Also offers testimonies and essays defending creationism and    amillennialism. 

  • Give Christianity    a Second Look - A reasoning, non-hysterical Bible-based approach to    Christianity, employing reason and discernment. Commentary and in-depth    study of difficult issues. 

  • God and Jesus Christ    - Pages containing a variety of essays exploring the existence and    characteristics of God and Christ. 

  • Hope and Reason - Essays    aiming to present evidence that supports the truth claims of the Christian    faith and expose false religions and cults. 

  • Jesus Christ And The    Trustworthiness Of The Bible - Two essays: one concerning the    trustworthiness of the bible and one devoted to proving the existence of    God. 

  • Joywell: Christian    Apologetics - A few articles by a pastor in New Mexico, with links to    others. 

  • Literate    Soul: Apologetics Topics - Thoughts on artificial intelligence, the big    bang theory, Goedel's theorem, Christ in the Qur'an, and the contributions    of certain groups to Christianity. 

  • The Living Theology -    Articles on christian philosophy, apologetics, and theology. 

  • Logos: Engaging With Campus    Culture for Christ - Site contains forum, articles, links and other    resources of the apologetics, writing and dialogue group within the    Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students. 

  • Minnesota Apologetics    Project - Online articles on apologetics and theology. Many articles are    links to articles on other sites. 

  • On Truth Articles Index -    Topics include church movements, societal issues, evangelism, other    religions, logic, and christology. Both brief and journal-length articles. 

  • Peter Kreeft - Collection of    articles by this philosophy professor and apologist. 

  • -    Information on theism, atheism and Mormonism; also discussion of moral    topics and issues. 

  • Seek God - Articles for    encouragement and research articles for those seeking answers to questions    relating to Christianity. 

  • The Truth - Some articles on    apologetics and the end times. Topics include the Jesus Seminar,    ecumenicalism, intelligent design, and Jesus as the Messiah, as well as a    defense of the pre-tribulation rapture doctrine. 

  • The Truth Will Set Us Free -    Articles covering a variety of apologetic topics. 

  • Why Does God Permit Evil -    Compact site offering a 2000 word contribution to this debate. 

  • Xenos: Apologetics    Related Essays - Addresses topics such as postmodernism, the existence    of God, the problem of evil, scripture, and the resurrection.



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