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Christian Evangelism : Apologetics


  • The Academy of Christian Apologetics    - Articles divided by topic and author, RealAudio lectures, and recommended    books. 

  • Ain't This Important? -    Compares Christianity to other religions and argues for the validity of the    Bible through science, prophecy, and miracle claims in the Bible and in    modern times. 

  • Aletheuo - Essays on    miscellaneous topics, recommended resources, and favorite quotes. 

  • An Answer Ministries    - Online courses, research library of links to online resources, and    evidence for the reliability of the Bible. 

  • The Answer Site -    Apolegetics drawn from the writings of C. S. Lewis and others on a number of    basic questions. 

  • Answers in Action - The ministry of Bob    and Gretchen Passantino. Searchable articles on a variety of topics, book    reviews, links, and information on classes in the southern California area. 

  • Apologetics Information Ministry    - Apologetics and research ministry founded by Craig Hawkins. Features    information on radio broadcasts and resources including outlines, papers,    and bibliographies on various topics. 

  • Apologetics Press -    Articles, audio lectures, documents, e-books, and FAQs defending    Christianity. Site also features a store and seminar schedules. 

  • - Site sponsored    by the C S Lewis Society and the Trinity College of Florida and including    articles, resources and bookstore aiming to cover issues such as Darwinism    and the reliability of Scripture from a Biblical perspective. 

  • The Apologia Project -    Articles discussing theological, philosophical, scientific, social, and    political topics. Also includes recommended resources, glossary, FAQ, and a    challenge for skeptics. 

  • Apologia Report - Paid weekly    apologetics reports as well as free services: a quarterly newsletter,    information referral hotline, and moderated e-mail discussion list. 

  • The Association for Theological    Studies - Research investigating cults, the occult, and apologetics.    Site includes both free articles and RealAudio sermons and resources to    order. 

  • Athens and Jerusalem - Where    Christian Faith Meets Reason - General information on apologetics and    Christian philosophy, email discussion list, essays, links, and recommended    books. 

  • Atlanta Christian Apologetics    Project - Articles on science, The Way International, and miscellaneous    topics; downloadable document on several different biblical issues; and    answers to the top five questions people ask about the Bible. Also includes    recommended resources and links. 

  • Bede's Library - Resources on    philosophy, science, and history from a physics graduate. Articles, book    reviews, and annotated links. 

  • Berean Publishers -    Concerned primarily with salvation issues. Printable articles, Bible    studies, testimonials, information on a wide variety of Christian issues,    and an online book. 

  • Branch of David - Features    articles and other resources that focus on proving that Jesus is the Messiah    of the Jewish scriptures. Also book reviews and information on online    apologetics discussions. 

  • CADRE - Summaries and links to    articles offering an apologetical defense of the Christian faith. 

  • Casey's Critical Thinking - News,    links, and articles focusing on the existence of God, abortion, and the    creation/evolution controversy. 

  • Center for Reformed Theology and    Apologetics - Articles on presuppositional apologetics, the Bible,    Calvinism, eschatology, and politics; theological discussion forum and    online book store. 

  • Changed by Grace - Gives a    list of beliefs of the authors, some articles about salvation and hell, and    audio files of a song and a sermon. 

  • Christian Answers Network -    Answers to questions about life, faith, creation, worldviews, and    contemporary issues. Movie, television, game, and book reviews; children's    features, games. 

  • Christian Apologetics -    Bruce D. McLaughlin argues that classical logic represents the truth of God,    and that sound reason is the foundation of the Christian faith. Online book,    newsletter, and links. 

  • The Christian Defense -    Where Christian Minds Come to Discuss - Discussion board on apologetics,    theology, the Bible, Christian living, media, and worship. 

  • Christian Defense Update (CDU)    - Answers to alleged Bible contradictions and scientific problems,    creationism information, information on cults, and apologetics for teens as    well as a timeline of Christian broadcasting, Bible facts, links, and an    explanation of how to know Jesus. 

  • Christian Information Ministries -    Assists believers in defining and defending the Christian world view.    E-zine, papers on a variety of topics, bibliographies, and links. 

  • Christian Research Institute -    Searchable archive of articles, recommended resources, information on    subscribing to the Christian Research Journal, and Real Player version of    the "Bible Answer Man" radio program. 

  • A Christian Thinktank -    Resources primarily aimed at those seeking a more sophisticated    understanding of theological issues. Includes a "Hallway of    Questions," extended topical studies, philosophical explorations, and    thoughts on the Christian experience. 

  • Clarifying Christianity    - Answers to questions on salvation, the Bible, and other common issues.    Site also includes Bible search tools. 

  • Come Let Us Reason Together -    Seeking to demonstrate Christianity as a logical, intelligent, and    defensible faith. Searchable archives include a question of the month,    scholarly articles, and a newsletter. 

  • Contend    for the Faith - Personal testimonies and links to information on    apologetics, cults, top Christian apologists, and theology. 

  • Critical Questions    about the Christian Faith - Short studies and papers on important issues    in Christian thought. From the Uniting Church in Australia. 

  • Earth Harvest - Online book    containing answers to frequently-asked questions about Christianity,    information on non-Christian beliefs and on salvation, and evidence for the    deity of Christ. 

  • Eric's InfoCenter -    Annotated links to resources on basic Christianity, the Bible, creationism,    social issues, and reason. 

  • Errant Skeptics Research    Institute - Writings and debates on Jesus Christ, Christian apologetics,    the Bible, theology, skepticism, freethought, G.A. Wells, evolution, and the    Kansas State School Board evolution ruling. 

  • Evidence &    Christianity - Step-by-step evidence for God, Jesus and the Bible. 

  • Evidence for God from Science    - Provides evidence for Christian doctrine and the truth of the Bible    through information on the design of the universe, evolution, and answers to    common atheist challenges. Forums. 

  • - Story of how a    life-long skeptic became a Christian. Also includes articles discussing    skepticism, atheism, and apologetics and various resources for Christians. 

  • Eyewitness Scriptures    Concerning the Resurrection - Portions of scripture considered to be    evidence for the truth of the resurrection, with commentary. 

  • Faith Facts - Seeks to use    reason and evidence to promote biblical Christianity. Includes an    interactive guide to understanding and accepting Christianity, information    on evolution and cultural issues, and newsletter. 

  • Fill    the Void: Defending the Christian faith - Articles defending biblical    reliability and answering tough questions about hell and the existence of    evil. Also features brief answers to many common questions and objections to    Christian teachings. 

  • For an Answer - Attempts to    answer the critics of historic Christianity with Bible commentaries, topical    studies, and other resources. 

  • Give Me An Answer! -    Television show in which students' questions are answered. Offers answers to    questions about Christianity plus has interactive discussion boards,    archives of shows, newsletter, links and information on donating. 

  • God's Truth -    Personal site with evidences for God's existence, information and resources    on creationism, articles, testimony, and links. 

  • Gospel Outreach Ministries Online    - A Christian apologetics ministry dedicated to the proclamation of the    gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in cyberspace. 

  • Heaven Net - Answers to the most    common questions people ask about God, Christianity and salvation.    Testimonies, teachings, Bible look-up service. 

  • Holy, Holy, Holy - Defence of the    doctrine of the Trinity against sects, unitarianism, atheism and Isalm. 

  • Immanuel Ministries - A    variety of articles defending the Christian faith from the point of view of    a group believing in biblical inerrancy. 

  • In Defense of    the Faith - Personal page covering issues such as cults, salvation, and    Islam. Quotes, links, and articles. 

  • InfoQuest* for Truth -    Links and articles defending Christian views on topics such as    homosexuality, abortion, and creationism. 

  • Institute for Religious Research -    Resources for investigating today's competing religious claims, including    Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Church Universal and Triumphant.    Includes Bible studies and answers to questions from those questioning    Christianity. 

  • Jesus Is The Reason Why    - Personal page with articles on such topics as why Christianity is    different from other religions, the diety of Christ, prophecy, and the    supernatural origin of the Bible. Also includes artwork and links. 

  • Juridical    Apologists - Bibliographical essay surveys apologists who have used    legal-style reasoning. 

  • Leadership University - Collection    of articles on apologetics, intelligent design and related issues. Includes    essays, papers, debates, faculty "offices", speaking schedules,    current events, online forums and news. 

  • Library Home Page -    University at California Santa Barbara - Include different on-line works    on christian philosophy. 

  • Light On A Hill    Ministries - Ministry dedicated to leading Mormons to the true gospel.    Information on the reliability of the Bible and thoughts on spiritual truth. 

  • Mark    Christian Jennings - Personal site with papers and outlines on topics    such as Jesus as a family-hating communist, Old Testament laws, humanism,    the authenticity of scripture, and common Christian misconceptions. 

  • Mars Hill - Dr. Mark Eastman covers    current events, prophecy, and science and their implications in the defense    of Christianity. 

  • My Fortress - Personal site    featuring answers to common questions about or objections to Christianity,    critiques of various religious movements or teachers, information on ancient    martyrs and theologians, and resources on miracles and fulfilled prophecies. 

  • On Bible Truth    - Information on topics such as Catholicism, Brownsville, Freemasonry,    Shepherd's Chapel and Christian doctrine from a fundamentalist Pentecostal    perspective. 

  • On Doctrine - Theology writings,    question and answer forum, terminology dictionary, hall of shame, and an    index of basic information and further resources for a variety of teachers,    movements, and religious organizations. 

  • Paraclete Press Research Service, Inc.    - A ministry in Sevierville, Tennessee that educations people in biblical    truth and theology. Audio presentations, schedule for studies and events,    contact information, and study topics. 

  • Prophecy and Biblical Page    - Articles on important questions and issues within Christianity as well as    information on cults, prophecy, and the Left Behind series. 

  • Quality Christian Internet -    Emphasizes integration of the Christian worldview into all aspects of life.    Links to resources by subject as well as media, journals, shopping,    education, and Christian leaders. 

  • Rational Christianity -    Apologetics site providing multiple answers to objections to Christianity    and Bible contradictions, plus other articles aimed at skeptics. 

  • The Reason for the    Hope - Answers to basic questions about Christianity. Several short    articles and some links to other resources. 

  • Reasoning from    the Scriptures Ministries - Articles, answers to common questions,    recommended Christian biographies, and newsletter. Also includes resources    for purchase by founder Ron Rhodes. 

  • 10 Reasons to Believe - Lists and    explains "10 reasons to believe" for various aspects of Christian    doctrine. 

  • Savior Quest - Articles on    Jesus, the Bible, archaeology, and other topics as well as recommended books    and links. 

  • Shandon L. Guthrie - Articles on    atheism, ethics, and theological issues; text of religious debates, and    links by Las Vegas apologist Shandon Guthrie. 

  • Solid Rock Ministries    - Debates, articles, and links providing information on atheism, Islam,    Mormonism, the Christian life, theology, and general apologetics. 

  • Stand to Reason - Organization aimed at    building Christian thinkers for the public defense of the faith. Articles,    newsletter, online courses, recommended books. 

  • Storm Tight - Essays on Christian    beliefs and ideas, personal testimonies, and a discussion board. 

  • Sword and Spirit -    Student-oriented site dealing with science, current events, culture,    theology, pro-life issues, other religions, and ethics. Articles,    presentations, humor, games, and links. 

  • Teen Apologetics -    Thoughtful and educated articles by a teenager aimed at answering the common    objections to Christianity often raised by teenagers, plus references to the    sources used. 

  • Tekton Apologetics Ministries -    Tackles theological issues, tough questions, alleged contradictions of the    Bible, age-old skeptical criticisms, cults. Also includes sample chapters    and ordering information on the book "The Mormon Defenders." 

  • - Online journal whose    purpose is to communicate the rationality of a theistic worldview. Articles    and online books. 

  • The Thinking Christian    - Apologetic articles on the resurrection and the reliability of the Bible.    Also features links and a diary of speaking engagements of pastor Steve    Woods based in Eagle, Idaho. 

  • The Threshingfloor -    Annotated links divided by topic, answering common questions about    Christianity and giving information about other religions and denominations. 

  • Truthnet - General apologetics    resources, prophecy news, and resources on Islam, Judaism, Jehovah's    Witnesses, and Mormons. Also includes information on evolution and abortion. 

  • TruthQuest Apologetics    Institute - Conferences, books, and tapes. Includes a statement of    beliefs. 

  • UCSB: The Faculty/Staff Christian    Forum - An organization of the University of California, Santa Barbara.    News, calendar, resources, questions and answers, information on the Veritas    Forum television series, and an extensive library of articles divided both    by topic and author. 

  • The Ultimate Christian    Apologetics Web Site - Numerous articles, Real Audio lectures, and links    covering general apologetics, history, philosophy, science, liberal    theology, and cults. 

  • The Unapologetic    Apologetic - Explanation of the gospel, information on identifying false    doctrines and on evolution, and an FAQ. 

  • Veritas Ministries - Aims    to provide informed answers from a Christian perspective to bioethical    issues. Includes online resources and resources for purchase. 

  • Walter Martin's Religious InfoNet    - Articles, discussion board and email group, Real Player teaching messages,    Bible study tools, links, and purchaseable resources. Contains information    on a variety of topics, but focuses on counter-cult efforts. 

  • Who Do You Say    Jesus Is? - Personal site featuring letters exchanged between an atheist    and a Christian, apologetics information on topics such as salvation and    creationism, and evidence for Jesus' existence, resurrection, and godhood. 

  • Winsome Media - Information on    seminars and on the "Big Questions" radio program. Features    articles, audio resources in RealAudio format, links, and information on    purchasing tapes. 

  • World Wide Christian Web - Questions    and answers, book reviews, surveys, e-list, and articles. Addresses a    variety of topics, but focuses on salvation issues and the existence of God. 

  • World Wide Web Witness: Irresistible    Reason for Certain Faith - Aims to prove the truth of Christian    doctrines about God, Jesus, and the Bible. Includes an extensive topical    index.



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