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Christian Evangelism : Training


  • Evangelism Explosion       - Training people to reach the world for Christ. 

  • YWAM Training       - Short and long term evangelism and missions training for youths. 

  • Caleb Project - American scheme    for training and encouraging world evangelism. 

  • Campers On Mission -    Multi-denominational short-term mission projects. 

  • Evangelism -    Ray Comfort teaches how to use the ten commandments in evangelism, an other    advice on how to effectively witness. 

  • Evangelism    and Church Planting - Includes a guide to basic evangelism, answers to    common questions about Christianity, article on evangelizing like Jesus, and    how to write an effective testimony. 

  • Evangelism Toolbox -    Multilingual database of resources to help you share your faith in Christ.    Offered by top evangelical organizations. 

  • The    Gathering: Witches are Real People Too - A study on American    neo-paganism, explaining key ideas and perspectives and advocating a    tolerant and understanding attitude. Concludes with an explanation of how to    best present the Gospel to Wiccans and other neo-pagans. 

  • Go Tell Evangelism -    Information on seminars and courses to teach Christians how to effectively    share the gospel. Also includes training outline, articles, and Bible study    resources. 

  • The JapanNet - Training and    resources for Christians ministering to Japanese. 

  • Latter Rain - Charismatic    evangelistic group offering training in child evangelism, and missions. 

  • Mercy Street Ministries - Take a    free course in street witnessing and they will mail you a free certificate    in Evangelism Ministry. 

  • The National Short Term Missions    Conference - An annual conference to promote the education and    networking of those interested in pursuing missions as a ministry full time,    part time or only for a short term team. 

  • The Navigators (U.S.) - A    world-wide organization discipling and training Christians to evangelize. 

  • Our    Mission as Christians - An introduction to evangelism in the power of    the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders following. 

  • Rhema: Education - Kenneth    Hagin's Word of Faith teaching and evangelism training base. Information on    the RHEMA Bible Training School, Correspondence Bible School, and Institute    of Biblical Studies. 

  • School of Lifestyle    Evangelism - Introduction to Brett Chaffin's ministry. 

  • US Center for World Mission - Training    the Body of Christ to reach people in new frontiers. 

  • WorldChangers Radio -- 5 Clicks to    Sharing Your Faith - Learn how to share your faith with confidence!    Campus Crusade training to share Christ. 

  • Youth Leader Connection - Iowa    based group revitalizing youth ministries through Scripture, structure and    support.



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