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Evangelic Organizations

Christian Evangelism : Evangelistic Organizations


  • Billy Graham Evangelistic    Association    - Includes answers to spiritual questions,    online magazine, and crusade schedule. 

  • Ambassadors Ministries    International - German team of inter-denominational ministers taking the    Gospel to the nations. 

  • Beam International Ministries -    Reaching out to India and International area's, conducting crusades, healing    services, training and orphanages. 

  • CBN World Reach - Evangelistic outreach    of the Christian Broadcasting Network, using mass media to reach billions    around the world. 

  • Chaim - Christians Announcing Israel's    Messiah - An Evangelistic Organization to the Jewish people. 

  • Christ for all Nations, Cfan -    Internationally known Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke World mission website.    Focused on evangelism in Africa. 

  • Christian Jew Foundation - Spreading the    gospel of Yeshua HaMashiach by missionaries, literature, videos, and the    "Messianic Perspectives" radio broadcast. 

  • Christian Veterinary Mission    - Practical evangelism in developing nations by Christian veterinarians. 

  • Christians Sharing    Christ Ministry - An evangelistic organization presenting the Gospel of    Jesus Christ to the masses through film evangelism, preaching, church    planting, and the distribution of God's Word and tracts. 

  • Dewayne Cunningham Ministries - An    evangelistic, missions organization that is dedicated to taking the gospel    of Jesus Christ to the world. 

  • Eagles Communications - An indigenous    and interdenominational Christian evangelistic organization based in    Singapore. 

  • FGBMFI - Introduction to Full Gospel    Businessmen's Fellowship International. 

  • FGBMFI - Dayton, Ohio - Brief    history, upcoming events, and contacts. 

  • Francis Asbury Society    - People wholly devoted to Christ and to assiting people move toward real,    life-based spiritual wholeness. Books for sale. 

  • God's Word to Women -    Teachings and encouragement for women to fulfill God's original plan for    them. 

  • Gospel Advancement Alliance of India    - Evangelistic organization dedicated to reach, preach, serve and save    interior rural & tribal groups. 

  • Gospel Faith Messenger -    Evangelism in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. 

  • Gypsies For Christ    - An organisation whose aim is to evangelise gypsies and the promotion of    fellowship and co-operation among those engaged in the proclamation of the    full gospel to the Romani people. 

  • Italian    Evangelistic Association - Victory Evangelism, ministering on the front    line since 1985. 

  • James H. Wright Evangelistic    Association - Aims to assist churches and organizations in evangelizing    non-Christians through events. Offers online scheduler. 

  • Jewish Voice Broadcasts - Media    outreach organization with an evangelical mission focused on Jews. 

  • Knox Fellowship - Committed    to assisting the church in evangelism and discipleship by developing    outreach ministries, vision, goals, strategies and training church leaders. 

  • Lay    Witness Mission - Strategy for evangelism that encourages laypersons to    share their faith journeys with others. Includes request form and related    articles. 

  • LifeLight Ministries Bible    Givers - Evangelism through the distribution of free and low cost    Bibles. Goals, news, products distributed, volunteer opportunities, and an    online catalog. 

  • Luis Palau Evangelistic Association -    Conducts events worldwide, in English and Spanish. Biography, schedule, and    articles and other resources. 

  • Motivational Ministry    Concepts - An organization involved in motivational and evangelistic,    conferences, seminars, workshops and worship services 

  • Point Man    International Ministries - An evangelistic organization for service    veterans and their families. 

  • RBC - De Haan family evangelism and    discipleship outreach. Includes devotions, Radio and TV stations carrying    RBC programming, and online articles. 

  • Sammy Tippit Ministries -    Evangelism and revival center for international evangelist. 

  • Seek Ministries - Southern    California ministry with vision to motivate Christians to share the gospel    of salvation, to seek and to save the lost through evangelism. 

  • Sowers - Evangelism in Asia via local    workers and mission trips. 

  • Steiger International - Steiger is a    ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM). 

  • Team Expansion - Partners with    local Christians to plant churches worldwide. Over 170 full-time workers are    serving in 24 countries. 

  • United Aboriginal Ministry - UAM is    an Evangelical Christian ministry to the aboriginal people of Australia. 

  • United Methodist Church    Evangelism Ministries - Includes articles, newsletter, resources, and    programs. 

  • Viz-A-Viz - A team of people, based    in Basildon, UK, committed to communicating the Christian message and    helping churches and Christians to do the same. Includes description of    services and contact details. 

  • World Gospel Mission - An    interdenominational, international, missionary organization committed to    making Christ known to all peoples. Comprised of over 250 missionaries from    more than twenty denominations.



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