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Christian Evangelism : Evangelists


  • Balsamo, Chuck - American    evangelist confirmed by signs and wonders and miracles. 

  • Benny Hinn Ministries - Official site    for the television evangelist. Includes statement of faith, event calendar,    broadcast information, and employment and donation details. 

  • Billy Sunday On-line - The life and    times of the famous and colorful early-20th-century evangelist, William    Ashley Sunday. Includes sermons, and photographs. 

  • Brush Arbor Revival Ministries    - Information about the ministry of Evangelist Donald Laymon including:    sermons, testimonials, newsletter, and counseling for ministers. 

  • Burgoyne,    Craig and Ellen - Prophetic and evangelistic preaching/teaching ministry    bringing salvation to the world. 

  • Christian    Evangelist Roger Whipp - Ex-London policeman's testimony and details of    his evangelism ministry. 

  • Cohen, Paul -    Messianic Jewish teaching ministry dedicated to presenting Messiah Yeshua    and God's eternal Covenant with Israel in a biblical context. 

  • Crazy Tie Guy Juggling Ministry    - Nathan, a Christian juggler and evangelist, uses God-given talents to    share powerful messages with youth, kids and adults. 

  • Creel, Randall - Southern    Baptist evangelist's site. 

  • D.M. Denson Ministries - Web    site of professional football player and national evangelist Damon Denson. 

  • Drumm Ministries -    Pentecostal revival evangelists Tommy and Karen Drumm. Contact details,    itinerary, news, and products. 

  • End-Time Handmaidens - Introduction to    Gwen Shaw's missionary evangelist international ministry. 

  • Free To Live Ministries - An    evangelist affiliated with St Andrew's Church, Oakington, UK: includes    streaming video testimony and downloadable book in .html and .pdf format. 

  • Gaffney, Jerry - Centralia,    Washington. Crusade reports, prayer and message boards, chat, and streaming    videos. 

  • Gordon White Ministries    - Meeting schedule, testimonies, information about this pastor of a St Louis    church and invitation to purchase teaching cassettes. 

  • Jack Coe Jr. - Information on this    healing evangelist and his father, Jack Coe Sr. Biography, resources for    sale, ministry events calendar, and links. 

  • John Wilbur Chapman,    1859-1918, Evangelist - A biography of John Wilbur Chapman, Presbyterian    evangelist and pastor 

  • Mantle Ministries - Richard    Little Bear Wheeler offers evangelistic presentations about America's    Christian heritage. 

  • Mickey Robinson - Seagate    Ministries - Bookstore, testimony, schedule, and contact information. 

  • Papers of    John Wilbur Chapman - Data from the Presbyterian Historical Society of    correspondence, sermons, sermon notes, photographs, newspaper clippings,    scrapbooks, and memorabilia documenting the life and ministry of J. Wilbur    Chapman. 

  • Radical Grace Evangelistic    Outreach - Evangelists Kevin and Victoria James. Biographies, contact    details, and information on the "Healing School." 

  • Sadler,    Anthony: New Thing Ministries - Charismatic musician, preacher, and    evangelist. Itinerary, contact form, statement of faith, resume, and    scripture readings. 

  • Tomasulo, Michael (Evangelistic    Ministries International) - World-wide evangelist, building and    encouraging the church. 

  • Wheeler, Keith - Stories, pictures, and    thoughts from one who has carried a cross through more than 100 countries.



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