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Christian Evangelism : Evangelistic Pages


  • Aloha - What exactly    does the Bible say about what being a Christian means? Verses have been    looked up and cross-referenced at this site -- read them and decide for    yourself. 

  • Amazing Change - Articles,    stories, recommended resources, and links encouraging non-Christians to    receive salvation. 

  • The Answer to Religion    - A short article about the human desire for union with a higher power. 

  • Beginning Your Journey Of    Joy - An evangelistic presentation of the gospel directed towards women    by Campus Crusade For Christ International. 

  • Born Again    Christian Info - Bible studies, salvation, healing testimonies, sermons,    gospel tracts, store, music, ministry materials and evangelism tips. 

  • The ChristianZine - Who    is Jesus, how to be saved, and links. 

  • Christ's Ambassadors -    Small family of believers in Georgia. Site includes testimonies, how to be    saved, free book offer, Bible studies, and links. 

  • Community Gospel    Nights - Taking the Gospel to the streets through music and testimony.    Held in Sophia, WV each summer. 

  • D.U.C.K.S. - Christian outreach    utilizing the internet to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Including    devotionals, bibles and other resources. 

  • Eternal Destinies -    Descriptions of heaven and hell, how to be saved, and information on    end-times prophecy. 

  • Eternal    Freedom - How to be saved and what happens afterwards, with Bible    references. 

  • Eternal    Life Insights - Free articles and tracts about eternal salvation, faith,    hell, homosexuality, and Catholicism. Also Bible doctrines, short insights,    and brain teasers. 

  • Eternal    Life Through Jesus Christ - An animation presenting the plan of    salvation and a contact form for additional information from Faith Baptist    Church in Pennsylvania. 

  • eThoughts: LIFE Questions - Why Are We    Here? - Questions about Life. Why are we here? Was it all an accident of    nature? Or was there someone behind it all? 

  • Every Nation Under Heaven -    RealAudio messages about God's love and grace in over 50 languages from    Arabic to Zulu. 

  • Finding God -    Evidence for the truth of the Christian faith, including creation,    archaeology, Chinese letter-characters and prophecies plus an invitation to    make a decision to become a Christian. 

  • Finding Your Way - An online    resource to help people find their way into a right relationship with God    through Jesus Christ. 

  • The First    Internet Christian Church - Offers information and resources about    Christianity. Answers to questions, articles, personal testimony, Bible    verses, and links. 

  • For Jesus - Conversational    introduction to the gospel. 

  • Four Spiritual Laws    - Tract which explains four life truths is available on-line in most    languages; also includes special edition for children. 

  • The Four Spiritual    Laws - Flash movie. 

  • Free Gift - Presents the free gift of    salvation as well as other resources. 

  • Get Saved - An evangelistic flash    shockwave movie presentation of the gospel. 

  • God's Plan of    Salvation - Explains how to know Christ and have eternal life. Also    provides follow-up study materials. 

  • God's Simple Plan of Salvation - Plan    of salvation in many languages. 

  • The Good News of Jesus    Christ - An interactive flash shockwave presentation of the gospel. 

  • The "Good" Test - A quick    8-question test about meeting Godís standards for eternal life in heaven. 

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ    - Describes sin's consequences, but explains how an individual can escape    the penalty of sin. 

  • Gospel of Peace Christian Assembly    - Information on hell, benefits of salvation, how to be saved, and what to    do afterwards. Includes Real Audio files. 

  • Got Life? - A flash presentation    that demonstrates and proves with historical evidences that the message of    the Bible is true. 

  • The Greatest Gift - An    animated graphic flash movie that shares the Gospel. 

  • Heart Transplant or    Life Transplant - Presentation on a new life and how to receive one. 

  • Heaven is a Free Gift -    Gospel message and helpful Bible references relating to various needs.    Questions submitted by readers are answered. 

  • Heaven    is the Best - Verses from the Bible about Heaven and salvation. 

  • Heaven or Hell? - Quiz and    explanation of what will or will not get a person to heaven. 

  • Heavenly Grace - Explains    salvation, grace, love and hope with scripture references. 

  • Heaven's Vacation Guide - Virtual    tour of heaven with information on Christianity and salvation. 

  • Heres Hope - Flash    shockwave movie presentation emphasizing the hope which is found in the    gospel. 

  • Hope Net - Interactive flash    presentation of the gospel. 

  • Hope Way - Sharing hope on the    internet through literature, testimony, music, poetry, newsletters. 

  • How To Know Jesus -    Tells how to be saved. 

  • If You Died    Right Now... - This site explains in detail what the Bible says about    how to get to Heaven. 

  • Indian Life    Online - Produces Christian print media resources that are culturally    relevant to Native American people. Features the Indian Life newspaper,    books, and comics for kids. 

  • Interview with Jesus -    Three flash movies: "Interview with Jesus", "Lord's    Prayer", and "God is Light." 

  • Introduction to Christianity    - Allows people of any background to understand Christianity. Site content    available in multiple languages. 

  • Is He    Messiah, or Just a Myth? - Discover how Yeshua (Jesus) fulfilled what is    written about Messiah (Christ). Lists some fulfilled prophecies. Pairs Old    Testament and New Testament verses on some basic Christian doctrines. 

  • Jesus Christ Information -    Provides answers about the meaning of life, Godís plan, Jesus Christ,    heaven and the benefits of belief. 

  • Jesus Christ Is God - Presents the    salvation message and materials to aid in spiritual discovery and growth. 

  • Jesus for life - Biblical based    answers about who is Jesus, the plan of salvation and eternal life. 

  • Jesus is Coming Again -    Information on Jesus and how to be saved, form to submit prayer requests,    testimonies and poems of praise, and links to sites offering Christian    e-cards and other resources. 

  • Jesus is the Way -    Explains how people can receive Jesus into their lives and be assured that    they will go to heaven. 

  • Jesus Joy - Information on Jesus,    the Trinity, and how to be saved. 

  • The Jesus    Page - Explains what it means to be a Christian, to follow Jesus, how to    be born again. Also, experiences as a street preacher. 

  • Jesus Saves - Urges people to    be reconciled to God. Quizzes, answers to questions, Real Audio broadcasts,    articles on Christian topics, and other resources. 

  • Jesus Saves - An internet-based    evangelism ministry. 

  • Jesus Seekers - Features    salvation quiz, prayers for seekers, believers and sinners, inspirational    stories about God and Jesus Christ, links to Christian Bible studies and    information about heaven and hell. 

  • Jesus Who? - Resources and    information in several languages. 

  • Jesus--Accept No Substitutes    - Explains how individuals can know Christ. Also includes testimonies and    provides encouragement for Christians. 

  • Just For Free - An explanation    of how to experience true quality of life by turning to Jesus. Includes    Bible verses throughout the presentation for reference and personal    testimonies. 

  • The Kristo Movie - An evangelistic    flash shockwave movie presentation of the gospel. 

  • Last Days Movie - An interactive    flash shockwave presentation of the gospel. Focusing on the last days and    preparing the audience for the return of Jesus Christ. 

  • The Life and Teachings of Jesus -    The story of Jesus from birth through death and resurrection. The Biblical    verses dealing with Jesus collected and organized by subject and time. 

  • A Little Good    News - Site is dedicated to sharing the Good News of the gospel. 

  • Meet Jesus - A    presentation of the gospel by Back to the Bible. 

  • Meet With God - Read God's plan    of salvation with scripture references. A topical reference is provided for    researching biblical terms. 

  • Online Guidance - A web    evangelism site created by Gospel Communications Network that presents the    gospel by answering some of life's most difficult questions and challenges. 

  • The Plan -    Ever think there had to be something more to life? This site argues that    there is and explains how that elusive "something more" can be a    part of your life. Requires Flash. 

  • Real Hope - Testimonies and FAQ's    supporting hope though the Christian faith. 

  • The Reason Why - Presentation of    the Christian message asking for a response of faith. 

  • Somebody Cares 4 U -    Presents the plan of salvation to the unsaved, help for Christians who are    struggling, and answers to questions about Christianity. 

  • The Sower - Articles and answers    to questions. 

  • Split Time Movie - An evangelistic    shockwave movie presentation of the gospel. 

  • Steps to Peace    with God - A flash presentation of the gospel with information and    resources for new Christians. 

  • -    Encourages visitors to reflect upon where they will spend eternity, and    invites them to choose heaven. 

  • Theologically Correct dot com    Ministries - Site includes a personal view of what the Christian faith    is about, discussion of theological questions and helps for new Christians. 

  • TheoLogos Publications - Presents the    plan of salvation through Gospel stories, scripture lessons and personal    testimonies. 

  • True-Salvation - Plan of    salvation, interesting Bible facts, Bible quizzes, and brief articles on    Christian topics. 

  • Try Jesus - Scripture based answers    to lifeís questions about Christianity, Jesus and the Bible. Includes    personal stories. 

  • The Way of Salvation - Explains    how visitors can accept Jesus as their own personal Saviour and receive    eternal life. 

  • We Can Be    Friends Forever - An interactive walk through five important truths of    the Bible. Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and how to know God. 

  • What If You    Died? - Discusses the ultimate end of man. 

  • What Jesus Said - Jesus'    teachings on various topics and information on how to have abundant life. 

  • Who Am I? The Gospel Truth About Mankind    - A collection of writings and a forum designed to help people in their    search for worth in human life. 

  • Who is Jesus? - A collection of    resources about Christianity and trusting Jesus. On-line assistance is    available for questions and comments. 

  • Women's Journey of Joy -    Focusing on helping women find greater love, joy and acceptance through    Christianity. Personal stories, answers to questions about life and a form    to submit new questions, and a step-by-step explanation of the gospel. 

  • Wondering About God? -    Flash and HTML presentations on how to have a relationship with God. 

  • Would You Like to Know God    Personally? - Multilingual presentation of the gospel and growth as a    Christian by Campus Crusade For Christ International. Flash version also    available. 

  • Wuz Up God? -    Shockwave movie presentation of the gospel aimed primarily at teenagers. 

  • You Can Find Love -    Presents the gospel through discussions about romance, explaining that God    is the answer to the human need for love. Available in three levels of    English and several non-English languages. 

  • Your Destiny Your Choice - A cartoon    flash presentation of the gospel with resources for new Christians. 

  • Your Hope Jesus Christ - Father's Love    Letter - Flash Video in 39 languages. The Jesus Film and online NIV Bible.    Psalm 23, stories, sermons and over 2900 Christian links.



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