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Miracles and Healings

Christian Evangelism : Miracles and Healings


  • The Awesome Power of God - Site    devoted to serious scrutiny and documentation of miracles including those of    celebrities like Natalie Cole, Evander Holyfield, and others. 

  • The    Battlefield Miracles Project - Divine intervention on the battlefield. 

  • The Betty    Baxter Story - A totally crippled up girl in horrible suffering is    instantly healed by Jesus. 

  • Corpse    Raised From Death - An African Pastor is killed and enbalmed, but is    resurrected when his wife believes for a miracle at a Reinhard Bonkke    crusade. 

  • Dove Ministries    - Testimonies of healing miracles that happened through the ministry of Bill    Subritzky. 

  • Healed of MS    - A lady shares how she was healed through the Word of God in the early    stages of Multiple Sclerosis. 

  • Holy Fire - yearly miracle -    Miracle of Holy Fire that happens every year before Orthodox Easter in    church of Holy Sepulchre (Jerusalem). Description, photo, video, testimonies 

  • Jesus Answers Ministry & Newsletter    - Testimonials in the lives of ordinary people, miracles, and counselling    upon request. 

  • Jesus Heals Ministries    - Some testimonies of healing from a Norwegian evangelistic ministry. 

  • Jesus    the Real Vine - Testimonies of Healing in a Catholic Charismatic Prayer    Group in Bombay, India 

  • Mel's    Miracle Recovery - My eldest daughter was critically ill in a hospital    ICU and the doctors thought she would die. Find out about her miracle    recovery following our prayers to God. 

  • Miracles    in Romania - Divine healing in the name of Jesus in Romania. 

  • Miracles of Christ    Today - Miracle healing testimonies of people healed of cancer,    deafness, MS, stroke, schizophrenia, paralysis and raised from the dead,    with faith building Christian articles. 

  • Recovering from a Broken Neck - The    author broke his neck and is living to tell about it. The full story with    pictures. 

  • Rock Guitarist back    from the brink of death - Caspar McCloud, a successful musician and    artist, shares a little of his conversion how he was brought back    miraculously after his pulse had stopped completely. 

  • Shelton Healing Rooms -    Located in Shelton Washington. Overview, opening hours, vision, healing,    testimonies, radio and prayer requests. 

  • Testimonies    of healings - from Dr Ricky Roberts' ministry - includes a public forum. 

  • There Is    Hope! - Testimonies about the power of God revealed in many    circumstances. 

  • Verified    Miracles through TB Joshua - Testimonies of a few of the many healed by    Jesus Christ through Prophet TB Joshua.



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