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Christian Evangelism : Testimonies


  • Precious Testimonies       - True life testimonies of salvation and healing through simple faith    in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

  • Addicted to Jesus - A    former heroin addict in Israel accepts Jesus as Messiah and finds    deliverance and freedom.

  • Another Way Out:    Former Homosexuals - A collection of personal testimonies of former    homosexuals who turned to Christ. 

  • Arabic    speakers who came to Christ - Arabic speaking people who came to know    the Lord Jesus Christ out of nominal Christian and Islamic backgrounds. 

  • Barb's Entourage    - Christian testimonies of salvation and healing. 

  • Behind the Badge - Former    deputy sheriff shares how Jesus Christ transformed his life. 

  • Biker,    Paul Horgan - Set free from drug and alcohol addiction by Jesus Christ. 

  • Black Samson - Maweja    Apollo, a murderer sentenced to life-imprisonment, receives mercy from the    Judge of judges. Complete book online free. 

  • The Bread Site - List of    links to salvation and healing testimonies. 

  • Burning Stick -    Testimonies of men with lives changed by the Power of God and being born    again. 

  • Changed    by the Amazing Love of God! - A young lady from Romania shares how God's    love broke through in her life. 

  • Changing Lives On Line -    Packed full of real life Christian stories from Australia and around the    world. 

  • Christian    Faith: True Stories - Testimonies of changed lives, miracles, healing,    answered prayer, missions, and people coming out of drugs, witchcraft, and    general unbelief to faith in Jesus. 

  • ChristLife: Why Jesus?    - Stories of how people came to know Jesus, as well as information on the    Alpha course. 

  • A Conversion Story    - A layman in the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America    tells of his spiritual journey from Catholicism to Baha'i through Buddhism    to Orthodox. 

  • Death of a Guru    - A devout Hindu receives Christ and begins a world-wide evangelistic    ministry. 

  • Debb's Page - From New Age to    Christianity. 

  • First    Stone Ministries: Testimonies - Testimonies of men freed from    homosexuality, with links to more testimonies of freedom from pornography,    cross dressing, lesbianism, and sexual child abuse. 

  • Forgiven for Life - David    Berkowitz - Christ forgives a Satanist serving 350 years for his part in    homicide. Testimony in several languages, letters, statements, and messages    for teens. 

  • Former Masons -    Ex-Freemasons share their testimonies. 

  • Freed    from Satanism, Occult Bondage and Witchcraft - Testimonies of Candace    Caldwell and other people who have turned from witchraft to Jesus Christ. 

  • From LSD to PhD    - Dr. Michael Brown, a Jewish believer, shares how he came to Christ out of    the rock and roll and drug scene. 

  • Good Soil    - A young artist describes his journey through agnosticism, mysticism and    uncertaintly to a place of faith in Christ. 

  • Green,    Keith - A Jewish hippy is born again and establishes a musical ministry. 

  • Ian McCormack's    testimony - Stung by box-jellyfish whilst night diving in Mauritius, Ian    had an encounter with God on the way to hospital, and then experienced Hell    and Heaven before returning to life. 

  • Jewish Biker    - Searching the Scriptures to disprove the Gospel, David Katz receives    Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah. 

  • John    Hemans - A Life Unchained - The testimony of John Hemans, Australian    Christian rock singer, songwriter and guitarist. 

  • Mindinspire:    Testimony and Inspiration - A bipolar comes to know Jesus as her Lord    and Savior. 

  • Out    of New Age Witchcraft - After growing up in an occultic family and    practicing white witchcraft, Teri Lee Earl found the wonderful true presence    of God and a new life in Christ. 

  • Personal    Stories - How some people become Christians. 

  • Plymouth Church -    Salvation testimonies from an English fellowship. 

  • Pure    Life Ministries - People tell how Jesus Christ set them free from sexual    bondage. 

  • Richee, Michele -    Jesus transforms a drug addict and alcoholic into a worldwide evangelist. 

  • Sadhu Sundar    Selvaraj - From Hinduism to following Jesus. Supernatural conversion    experience of an Indian man, now a man of God. 

  • A    Sadhu's True Witness of Christ - Amazing conversion story of Sadhu    Sundar Singh from Hinduism by a vision of Christ, and more on his life and    revelations. 

  • Sara's    Story - The story of a girl who experienced abuse, neglect, and drug    addiction before being born again. 

  • Youth    Testimonies - Young people talk about how Jesus worked in their lives. 

  • Singhal,    Dr. Mahendra - A Hindu worshipping Shiva and Ganesha finds salvation    through Christ. 

  • The Sowers -    Testimonies from China, Thailand, India, Bhutan and Tibet 

  • Stories of    Freedom - Powerful testimonies from former Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons,    and occultists who have now found Christ. 

  • Teen    Challenge - Ex-drug addicts tell how Jesus Christ delivered them from    addiction. 

  • Testimony    of a Hundred Witnesses - Cameo testimonies of famous Christians such as    Bunyan, Luther, and the Wesley brothers. 

  • The Tough Guys - Testimonies    of criminals who have become Christians, includes before and after photos. 

  • Two    Guys 4 Christ - Two working class guys share what Christ did in their    lives and provide simple answers to questions about Christianity. 

  • Unshackled! - People who have    been set free through faith in Jesus Christ share their stories each week in    RealAudio format. 

  • 'Where    shall I hide?' - Neavei shares about his NDE encounter with the Lord and    subsequent conversion experience and new life.



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