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Christian Evangelism : Personal Pages


  • Aaron Leakey - Listings of    Christian hip hop artists, strange comments, and personal information as    well as information on heaven and how to get there, information on Mormons    and Jehovah's witnesses, poetry, and testimonies. 

  • About Christianity - Outline of    the basics of Christianity, including how to be saved and how to live as a    Christian, as well as personal information, prayer request board, and Bible    facts. 

  • Above the Noise - How to be    saved, bi-weekly devotional, testimony, links, and contact information to    send prayer requests. 

  • ACTS on the Net - A free    site where Christians can put up pages which share their interests and    hobbies as well as their faith. Page listings, how to sign up, and why to    believe in Jesus. 

  • Becoming a Christian - A    brief introduction to Jesus and Christianity. 

  • Born Again - A Christian    explains what is meant by terms like "born again,"    "salvation," and "eternal life." 

  • Christ    in Focus - How to be saved, answers to common questions, comparison of    Christianity with other religions, an explanation of why there are so many    denominations, and fun features. Includes information on the Elim church. 

  • Christ is Alive -    Articles, poems, guitar tabs, and thoughts about what it is to be a    Christian. 

  • Christ Loves - Studies, testimonies,    information on free e-mail counselling with transcripts of previous    sessions, and jokes. 

  • Christian Starter Kit    - Gives basic information about Christianity and suggestions about how to    find out more. 

  • Christianity for    Newbies - Reasons to become a Christian and a step-by-step explanation    of how to do so. 

  • Destiny by Faith - Jokes, links,    and thoughts on the mysteries of faith. 

  • Extending Christian Hope    Online - Offering hope and assistance to those who want a relationship    with Jesus. Reflections on Christian topics, discussion forum, kids' corner,    and links. 

  • God Has The Answer -    Testimonies to God's work through the author's personal struggles and links    to ministries, online stores, communities, and other resources. 

  • God Real or Illusion -    Evidence for the reliability of the Bible and for Jesus' existence as well    as articles, quotes, and pictures. 

  • God's Love & Truth -    Explores the nature of truth, as well as truths about life, living, and God. 

  • God's Love and Truth - Wisdom    quotes, Bible verses about truth and love, sermon aids, stories about the    devil, and descriptions of false Christians. 

  • Grace and Truth - Love So Amazing    - Encourages people to search the Scriptures. Explanation of Christian    concepts. 

  • The G-Site - Tells about God's love    and explains how to be saved. "Christian Tips" articles, poetry,    and information on God, salvation, and the Bible. 

  • Heaven - Links,    stories, and thoughts on a variety of Christian topics. 

  • Heaven 4 Sure - How to find true    inner peace, answers to common questions about the Bible, pictures of the    family, and links. 

  • How You Can Find God    - One man's testimony, as well as thoughts on prayer, church, and suffering. 

  • Is God In Control? -    Explanations and Bible verses on the nature of Jesus, salvation, and the    reliability of the Bible. Also includes a statement of the webmaster's    beliefs and "Thoughts to Ponder." 

  • Isaac's Index - Flow    chart style summary of Christian concepts with real-life analogies and Bible    references. Also includes links and a castle representation of Christian    soldiers and their armor. 

  • 4Jesus    - Links to christian resources, Bible studies, devotionals, music, and email    links for prayer requests or questions. 

  • Jesus Loves U 2    - Explains how to be born again, provides Bible studies, and includes    information on topics like sexual abuse and suicide. 

  • Kenny's Home Page -    Shares one man's testimony of what God has done in his life. Also includes    word of exhortation. 

  • Little Billy's Reality - Bible    questions answered, topical studies, Bible commentaries, and personal    testimony. 

  • Lukewarm    Outreach - Directed toward the professing Christian. Articles, songs,    and poems. 

  • The Meaning of Life    - Casual introductions to the basics of Christianity and why Christian    beliefs are reasonable, as well as an introduction to Christianity for    Muslims, a discussion of Islam and Terrorism, and some IT content. 

  • Myring Ministries    - Written as a love letter from God. 

  • - Discusses the    shortcomings of modern Christianity and explains God's plan of salvation.    Also includes newsletter, articles, and links. 

  • Punk Rawk Bible    - Advice from the Bible for teenagers and young adults. Answers to submitted    questions about morality and Christianity, webmaster's testimony and    personal information, and links. 

  • Religious Interests -    Articles and links on matters of personal interest to the author as well as    polls, a collection of gospel stories for children, and links to sites on    Jesus and how to be saved. 

  • Soul Seeker:    Messianic Believer - Christianity from the perspective of a Singaporean    Messianic Jew. Explanation of Christian concepts, articles, and links to    resources. 

  • Touched by God    - Examples and explanation of how God intervenes in people's lives, and    thoughts on how to respond. Includes links to information on prayer,    spirituality, and restlessness. 

  • Truman's Turf - Information on    Christianity as well as personal information, links, and webrings. 

  • The Truth Shall    Make You Free - Attempts to explain why God allows suffering to exist    and offers advice from the Bible. 

  • Why Do We Spend Our Time Like    This? - Thoughts on the search for happiness. 

  • Yahweh's Family    Gathering Center - One man's testimony, beliefs on how to be saved, and    articles on doctrinal issues. Includes form to submit prayer requests. 

  • Zlatin Zlatev - Biography,    photographs, links, and contact details.



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