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Christian Evangelism : Catholic


  • The Call of the    Shepherd - Explains the Gospel and what it means to be a Christian.    Bible verses, writings, and prayers on a variety of topics. 

  • Catholic Mission    Leaflets - A series of online "leaflets" on the teachings of    the Roman Catholic Church. Also includes a prayer request bulletin board,    discussion list, and information on how to receive a free rosary. 

  • Catholic Pillar and    Foundation - This site focuses on Catholic apologetics and the author's    personal experience. The site includes personal writings, links to    apologetics material, and Byzantine icons. Purpose of site is evangelization    of non-Catholics. 

  • Catholics Returning Home    - Lay-based outreach ministry to non-practicing Catholics, located in    Marquette, Michigan. Program schedule and recommended reading. 

  • Jubilee 2000: Bringing the World to    Jesus - An index of testimonies, with instructions for submission,    proclaiming blessings of worshiping God as a member of the Catholic Church. 

  • Lessons in Christianity    - Free twelve-lesson course by email on salvation, Jesus, the Church, and    the Bible. Also includes a form to ask questions about Christianity or    Catholicism. 

  • Life4seekers - For people    looking to improve their life and find fulfillment. An introduction to    Catholic teachings and practices, including personal experiences, FAQ, and    commentaries on various aspects of spirituality. 

  • Meaning of Life Ministry -    Information on Christianity and Catholicism and answers to common questions. 

  • Musings of a Catholic Convert    - Daily devotional writings from a former Baptist pastor turned Catholic    apologist. Topics include Scripture, conversion, current events, and    practical apologetics. Visitors may contact the author with their own    questions about the Church. 

  • Revolution of Love for Gen X    Catholics - Revolution of Love (RoL) is a Catholic e-zine geared towards    GenXers in their 20's and 30's. 

  • United Hearts Online -    Answers basic questions about Jesus and Mary and gives advice on how to    become a Christian.



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