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Alpha Course

Christian Evangelism : Alpha Courses


  • Alpha Course    - A    program for introducing the basics of Christianity to those interested.    Introduction and basic information, news, search feature for course and    conference locations, contact details, and help for those wishing to start a    course. 

  • Alpha at Church    of Christ Heybridge - Answers to many of the common questions asked by    people interested in the Alpha Course or Christianity in general. Also link    to other resources and contact information for those interested in joining    an Alpha Course. 

  • Alpha Australia -    Information about the course, list of churches offering it, and contact    details. 

  • Alpha Canada - Features    information about the course, resources, directory of churches offering the    course, and conferences. In English and French. 

  • Alpha Course Hong Kong - Includes    contacts, course information, and resources. In Chinese and English. 

  • Alpha for Catholics in    the US - Includes FAQ, contacts, and schedules. 

  • Alpha Ireland - Features course    finder, news, and history. 

  • Alpha New Zealand - Features    resources, course finder, endorsements, and conferences. 

  • Alpha Sacramento - Information    on courses and events in Sacramento Valley and Northern California.    Calendar, basic information, and a list of course locations and start dates. 

  • Alpha Singapore - Features news,    resources, course finder, contacts, and newsletter. 

  • Alpha South Africa - Includes    issues, course finder, contacts, and conferences. 

  • Alpha USA - Ten-week course that    introduces people to the basics of the Christian faith. Includes program    details, resources for running a course, and a search feature for locations. 

  • Unofficial    Alpha Course in Australia - Features Alpa basics, resources, and links. 

  • Youth Alpha Course Australia -    Information about this youth course, hints for presenting it, FAQs, and    contact information.



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